Progressions are charts used by astrologers to determine the evolving awareness of a person over time. A “solar arc” is the distance between the progressed sun and a natal sun. That arc is roughly the same as a person’s age, and then it is added to every planet and point on the chart. These progressions are slow moving, and shine a spotlight on certain parts of our lives. Most astrologers read this the same way as any progression, noting aspects to birth planets, among other things. I find them to be a useful tool, not in predicting future events, but in helping to map out a general flow of growth.

Progressed sun moves around the your chart, about a degree a year, and it very much shines a flashlight on the part of your chart it touches. It will be at the front of your awareness.

Progressed moon represents your evolving emotional intelligence. Significant life events tend to happy when progressed moon touches, squares or opposes your natal planets.

Progressed Mars makes you particularly passionate, expressively so, about the energies it joins with.

Progressed Mercury brings your evolving intelligence to whatever it touches. Mercury is all about communication and mental function-you will be especially communicative about the energies that Progressed Mercury touches.

Progressed Venus brings love, beauty, and a special softness to the areas of the chart it touches. It’s very feminine and subtle.

Progressed Ascendant and Midheaven move slowly, and gives an extra burst of energy to what it touches.

The less personal planets don’t seem to have as strong an effect, but do result in their energy coloring the year.