13 Sign Chart-Ophiuchus Included

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NASA’s recent announcement  and information dumb about the constellation Ophiuchus, also known as the Serpant Bearer, has astrology enthusiasts buzzing.

While signs and constellations are different, and you don’t need to worry that everything you’ve ever known about astrology is wrong, there is still much to be learned from studying the placements of your planets within a 13 sign zodiac.

I don’t put as much stock on signs as other astrologers, generally. I’m much more concerned with geometric patterns and relationships, and the specific degrees of the planets. That doesn’t change when we use a 13 sign system, but the sign placement for most people does.

This chart will show you the placement of your planets in a 13 sign system. It’s a downloadable product, and extremely detailed, and customized for you. It includes a chart and an interpretation.  I’ll give you information about the new signs of each of your planets and some of your asteroids, with any pertinent information I see regarding patterns and shapes in your chart.