Although degrees are marked in the sign, the most obvious pie slices in your chart are the houses. Each represents a different area of our life.

The energies represented by the planets located in these houses will bring particular energies to those areas. It’s not good or bad to have empty or crowded houses. It’s just all about the subtle energy blends.

Houses are entirely dependent on your time of birth. Without it, skip this whole section.

The first house deals with our personality. The beginning of the first house is your ascendant, perhaps the second most important point on your chart. I always look up the Sabian symbol for a person’s ascendant to get a feel for their personality.

This is the house of self. The things that our outwardly visible in our personality will be demonstrated in this house. Pay close attention to planets and asteroids here, because they are part of how the world views you.

Your Rising Sign is the sign here-when you read forecasts for your sun sign, read your rising sign too, because it’s equally important.

The second house is the house of possessions. We’ll find insight about how we deal with money and material goods in our second house.

The third house is the house of communication. It includes written and verbal communications as well as close familial relationships.

The fourth house is the house of family and home. It’s where we put down our roots-our foundation. Things here aren’t necessary seen by the whole world, but are very important to you.

The fifth house is the house of creativity and pleasure. Creative pursuits and all things that feel good love to live here.

The sixth is the house of day to day affairs. Planets and asteroids here represent energies you will deal with daily. Career is here, as are hobbies you are dedicated to.

The seventh house is the house of relationships. Planets and asteroids here represent energy that are best accessed for you within relationships.

The eighth house is the house of sex. The other main themes of this house are death and rebirth.

This is the house of philosophy. Higher education and dreams are also represented here.

This is the house of social status. People with much focus here will be quite career driven and will care a great deal about people seeing them be successful.  Status and authority are themes here.

This is the house of friendships and group dynamics. People with active 11th houses will be gregarious and popular. Hard aspects to planets here can cause issues with friendships.

This is the house of the subconscious. Dreams and spirituality lie here, but we often have trouble accessing the energies of the planets here.