chartshapesOf all the different things I look at in a chart, what stands out as the most important to me is chart shapes. I’m talking perfect, geometrically stable triangles and polygons made of planets, angles and asteroids.

For shapes like these, I only give a 1 degree orb. If there is a strong planner, like the sun, 2 degrees away, I’ll count that. But I give asteroids as much weight as planets when I’m looking for shapes.

The shapes point out the exceptionalities. For the most part, if the shape is made of blue lines (trines and sextiles), it’s easy-it asks very little of you, and yet you shine. If the shape is made of red lines, it does ask quite a lot of you. But if answer correctly, you shine.

My favorite is a grand trine. It’s a perfect, 120 degree per angle triangle-it makes the three energies flow together beautifully, notably, gracefully. It’s always a blessing. If one of the planets has an opposition, it turns the shape into a kite. This is lovely-it works like a bow and arrow to shoot the energy of the grand trine through one of the energies-whichever has the opposition will be an important Energy for the native.

Harder is a grand cross. This is made of 4 squares/oppositions and looks like a square in the center of your chart made of red lines (squares and oppositions). This sets all 4 energies to be tense with the other-they are tied together but just don’t always play nicely. They are 4 problems the person needs to solve. 4 pokey spots. But-it the person can transform, and so many people do, they can use this shape in a powerful way. Grand crosses solve problems on a grand scale.

The other triangles made of blue lines feel like light weight versions of a grand trine.

The last shape I find to be important is a t-square. This looks like a right angle triangle-a grand cross missing a point. It feels like 3 big problems intrinsically linked together and it acts as an obnoxious driving force. There is always help to be found by finding where that missing point in the grand cross would fall-I look up the Sabian Symbol and there is generally some wisdom that solves some tension of the t-square.