Asteroids Guru is a site dedicated to gathering information about astrology and synthesizing it into bits that are easy for you to use. There are thousands of years of research about astrology, which is enough to study daily for your whole life. It’s hard to even know where to start.

We are interested in doing things a little differently. We note all of the traditional signs and houses and their importance, but we focus on aspects, chart patterns, nodes, Sabian Symbols and asteroids. We also think that if we can find a grand trine, we can see what’s exceptional about a person.

There are thousands of asteroids. Some have a good bit of research already, but many don’t. The aim of this website is to begin to gather information about the asteroids that interest us, while still providing an overview of all of astrology. We’ll eventually have a forum for discussion, but I hope you’ll comment freely and email me at with any questions or suggestions.

I’m also a designer, working with Eckard Photographic. I also use this space to sell my more esoteric designs. Symbols hold a great deal of power, and when we wear them, we claim their power. I have a line of Chakra Clothing, Dosha Clothing, Crystal Grid Clothing, and a line of Yoga Gear. I also have a line for each sign of the zodiac.

I can also create custom works for you or your clients. We can create a custom leggings and tank top set with your branding and thoughtful design. If we combine the services we offer through Eckard Photographic, there are truly many ways we can help your business, so never hesitate to contact us.